PlastIndia 2018 Impression by Machinecraft

Watch the video of the stall displaying Machinecraft's machines for thin & thick sheet thermoforming applications along with mould solutions from ALWA Germany & sheets from ARLA Sweden, Indu India & Athlone Ireland.  

This is the video of Machinecraft's Stall at PlastIndia2018. The stall had Machinecraft's Thin & Thick Sheet Machine LIVE Demo.

This is the video for Form-Cut-Stack Machine LIVE in action at the show. 0.35 mm RPET Roll was being converted into vegetable packaging trays using Machinecraft's INV4060 machine. 

This is a video of the PF1 Series 800x1000 producing Mannequins using 2 mm HIPS material - this video is at the K2016 show but the same machine was on display at the stall at PlastIndia 2018.

Some Glimpses of the Show

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