The INLINE Series has been designed to form thin sheet products using vacuum and pressure forming technologies

Machinecraft's INLINE Series is a precision, high-speed continuous thermoforming machine in a compact and powerful package developed for the international thermoforming industry. Available with 3 or 4 station models: the stations being for forming, optional holing, steel rule punching and stacking. 

The INLINE Series can be used for forming a wide variety of materials - such as PVC, PS, APET and PP.

With international demand for thermoformed products expanding into food packaging, medical packaging, retail packaging and many others, the INLINE Series is designed for worldwide application requirements. 


Form - Punch - Stack


Roll Feeding Unwinder System

Thin Sheet Roll is placed on the unwinder system which automatically unwinds the sheet roll and forms a loop in front of the chain in-feed. The loop is controlled by photocell. Pneumatic Roll loading option is offered for loading heavy rolls. 



Chain Feeding System

Film enters the in-feed section from the unwinder section. Edge of the film is heated before the film enters the spike chain. The film from the in-feed is transported into different stations by the spike chain accurately using a servo motor based driven system with an accuracy of +/- 0.3 mm. Where the material used is PP, there is an optional chain expander system available where the chain track width is pneumatically stretched to control the sagging of plastic film. 

Sandwich Heating Station

Top & Bottom Heaters with Infrared Ceramic Elements are attached on the machine.

Heaters are controlled by the PLC and have zone settings available on the HMI for even temperature distribution. 

Pre-heating oven is optionally available. 

Forming Station

The Mould is placed on the Forming Platen. The Forming Platen are Pneumatically driven as per the timing set using the HMI. The forming platens of INP5065/S is servo driven.

The INV series is fitted with a high capacity reservoir and a vacuum pump to create an instant vacuum.

INP series is the pressure forming version of the Inline range - designed for high speed operation and improved forming definition. Forming uses compressed air.

The mould is water cooled to prevent overheating and may be fitted with a plug to assist material distribution.  

Hole Punch Station

This station is optionally available for punching holes useful for applications such as punnet trays, nursery trays, euro slots on blisters, etc. The upper platen is servo motor driven and the lower platen is pneumatically operated. The complete assembly can be moved along the length of the machine by motor for precise positioning. 

Punching Station

The Punching Unit follows the Forming System. Servo Motor driven steel-rule punch press is fitted as standard. The upper platen is servo motor driven, with adjustable height settings to allow varying tool heights. The complete assembly can be moved along the length of the machine by motor for precise positioning. 

Stacking Station


The stacking unit is pneumatically driven. After Punching, the parts are down stacked on a conveyor belt as per the count settings on the HMI.

A second variant of stacker is also available for up-stacking with or without push-out. 

Trim-winding Station

The trim-winding Station winds the left-over plastic sheet trim after punching. 

The trim-winding station also comes with an optional push-out system for ease of removal of the sheet. 

Technical Specifications

What can you make using INLINE ?

Disposables, Food Packaging, Nursery Tray, Confectionary Trays, Biscuit Trays, Clamshells, Sandwich Boxes, Electronic Packaging Trays, etc.