MF Series

Floor Standing Vacuum Forming Machine made for prototyping labs, universities and DIY Maker Community

Machine Modules

Manual Sheet Loading

Thermoplastic Sheet is loaded manually onto the forming bed. 

Toggle Sheet Clamping System

Once the sheet is loaded onto the forming bed, the sheet is clamped using Adjustable Toggle Clamps. 

Heating System

The Heater Unit can be pulled forward manually once the sheet is loaded. The individual heating elements can be set using setting knobs on the front panel.The system features Infrared Ceramic Heating Elements. The heating system also features zone settings that enables even heat distribution and flexibility to handle multiple job orders on the same forming bed. All machines have zonal heater control with each zone of two elements. 

Mould Platen System

The mould is placed over the mould platen. Once the sheet is heated to the set temperature, you must push the heater back and using a knob on the front panel make the mould platen drive up. The mould platen is pneumatically driven using an air-cylinder placed below the mould plate.


Vacuum Forming


Once, the mould platen is up, the user must move the vacuum knob to suck the air out between the mould and the sheet so that the sheet takes the shape of the mould. 

Sheet Cooling

Once the part is formed, the fan on top is turned on to cool the part down. This is the final step after which the user can open the toggle frame to remove the part.

Technical Specifications

  • Forming area (mm/inches) :  400 mm x 400 mm / 500 mm x 500 mm / 600 mm x 600 mm
  • Max depth of draw : 250 mm / 300 mm / 500 mm 
  • Max Material Thickness : 6mm 
  • Heater type : Infrared Ceramic  
  • Power Consumption : 8.0kW 
  • Air Requirements : 80 PSI / 5 bar 

What can you make with MF Series ?