CNC Router- Model C1

Machinecraft's CNC Router's can help you to trim your thermoformed parts into final shape. The routers come with software to help you feed the machine with the code to perform the cutting with high repeatability.

Trimming Bed Size: 5 ft x10ft
Z-axis feeding height: 13.7 inches (350mm)
Electric Power: 7 KW


4.5 KW Air-Cooled spindle, Italy HSD brand. The spindle is one of the most important parts of the CNC router. The spindle is air cooled and can run at a max. speed of 18,000 RPM. Spindle Type is Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and has a max frequency of 400Hz.


Lubrication is very important to all mechanical parts including Gears, Racks, Ball Screws, Runner Blocks, Bearings and so forth. Due to the fact that so many components require lubrication regularly, we have installed the one push lubrication system that ensures the lubrication of every component on our machines. Using normal vehicle engine oil is advised. And all you have to do is refill the oil tank and push the pump lever once a week to ensure the oil reaches all the  necessary components.


Standard ER32 Collet size is used for the4.5KW spindle. By using the international standard collet size, you will be able to use all sizes of tool bits by just employing the corresponding collet ( of which the biggest capacity of ER32 available on the market is the 20mm ).

Control System

DSP control system with control handle. NC Language: G-Code ( .NC file ), the most widely used numerical control ( NC ) programming language. You can use almost every NC software, CAD/CAM software to generate G-Code for our CNC Routers, which includes: ArtCAM, CAXA, Mastercam, Pro/E, Type3, UG etc.