5 Axis Router

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  • 9 KW air cooling spindle powerful enough for cutting a variety kind of plastic, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, PS, etc. Spindle speed range from 0 to 18000r/min. This spindle can keep powerful cutting even at low speed

  • Servo motor. The integrated high performance servo drive adopt advanced control algorithm which can drive the motor at very high precision smoothly with very little noise and motor heating. In addition, outputs of fault and “in position” signals in a integrated servo motor can be directly sent to the motion controller

  • Taiwan linear square lead rail, high positioning accuracy, high repeatability. The frictional resistance of a linear guideway is only 1/20th to 1/40th of that in a slide guide. The required driving force is much lower than in other systems, thus the power consumption of machine is small. Moreover, the temperature rising effect is small even under high speed operation.


3 Axis Router

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  • 4.5 KW Air-Cooled spindle, Italy HSD brand 

  • The spindle is one of the most important parts of our CNC Router. 

  • Cooling way: air cooled

  • Speed: 0-18000RPM 

  • Bearing:4 pieces P4 grade high-running accuracy and high speed.

  • Drive: Variable Frequency Drive(VFD or inverter),Max.frequency is 400Hz.

  • ER32  collet

    • Standard ER32 Collet size is used for the 4.5KW spindle.

  • Manual Lubrication System

    • Lubrication is very important to all mechanical parts including Gears, Racks, Ball Screws, Runner Blocks, Bearings and so forth.One push lubrication system that ensures the lubrication of every component on our machines. 

    • Using normal vehicle engine oil is advised. 

    • And all you have to do is refill the oil tank and push the pump lever once a week to ensure the oil reaches all the  necessary components.

  • T-slot worktable with PVC cover, the materials will be mounted by clamps, we will give 10 sets clamps

  • Dust collection   

  • Both the cutting process and the carving process generate immense dust. 

  • With the Dust Collection system, all dust residue is controlled within a small area by employing the brush of the dust hood on the spindle to get the residue vacuumed away into the dust bag of the dust collector. 

  • With our effective dust collection system, you have a cleaner working environment, longer lifespan of machine's mechanical parts and most importantly, a healthier workforce.

  • Blower Motor Power: 3KW 

  • Air Intake: 2300 m3/hour

  • Air Speed: 25 metre/second

  • Control System  

    • DSP control system with control handle. 

    • NC Language: G-Code ( .NC file ), the most widely used numerical control ( NC ) programming language. 

    • You can use almost every NC software, CAD/CAM software to generate G-Code for our CNC Routers, which includes: ArtCAM, CAXA, Mastercam, Pro/E, Type3, Ucancam, UG etc