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 The sturdy 65mm extruder are offered in combination with 40mm Co-extruder. The extruder are adequately powered by AC motors regulated by A.C.Drive. The V-Belt reduction and smoothly running gear box can be operated to provide the highest torque and matching the optimum screw RPMs. The thrust bearing is located inside the gearbox for the best lubrication and heat dissipation. The Central control cabin is usually placed near the main drive or on the side if need be to suit the factory design.

 SCREW DESIGN: Several optional screw designs are offered including the multipurpose design for styrene and propylene the L/D ratio of 32:1 and carefully selected screw geometry offer maximum plastification of the polymer met and throughputs.

 FEATURES: The electrical heating of the extruder barrel is efficiently and economically achieved through ceramic band heater elements.

 T-DIE HEADS: T-Die consists of coat-hanger design and is so called because of the shape of melt distribution channel. This consists of a top and a bottom part with a horizontal split line. It is a block die with interchangeable and adjustable lips for different ranges of sheet thickness. Designs incorporate a flexible lop type with Deckling arrangement.

 POLISHING ROLLER STACK: The surface of the plastic melt leaving the die head is smoothened and cooled simultaneously by rollers on passing through a polishing stack. The roller stack consists of three vertically placed chromium rollers. The middle roller is fixed while the top and bottom roller are movable in the vertical axis by means of heavy duty pneumatic cylinders for the roll nip adjustment. The rollers are driven by a common drive. The surface of the roller are hard chromed and highly polished to a mirror finish. The heater transfer of the rollers is archieved by circulating cooling water individually into each roller by means of three separate cooling circuits and high capacity cooling pumps which are connected to the cooling system. An external water chiller supplies the water to the system at the required temperatures and cooling capacities. The rollers are of the double shell type with spiral water cooling channels for the most efficient heat transfer and for uniform temperature across the entire surface of the rollers. The polishing stack can be moved in the direction of extrusion on guide rails.

 TAKE-OFF AND TRIMMING: The rubber covered rollers can be closed or opened pneumatically. The suitable trim winder is provided for trimming of the sheet.



  • L/D RATIO: 1:32

  • SCREW SPEED: 20-120 RPM

  • MOTOR POWER: 22 K.W.

  • T-DIE WIDTH: 800MM


  • PRODUCTION CAPACITY : HIPs – 125 kgs/hr



  • SCREW SPEED                                   :  20-120 RPM

  • MOTOR POWER                                 :  5 K.W