Thermoforming is a 2-step process; the first step is to load a thermoplastic sheet on the machine followed by vacuum or pressure forming process. Machinecraft has tied up with leading suppliers of thermoplastic sheets and sell these sheets with the machines and moulds to provide a complete solution.


  • Machinecraft represent's Indu Thermoformers which supplies HIPS/ABS/PP/HDPE Sheets. The company manufactures these sheets using the Extrusion Line with co-extruder. Sheet thickness range: 0.18-4.0 mm & Sheet width max: 1800mm ( wider upon request )

  • We also offer Indu’s Antistatic HIPS - InduESD range. In plastic, the build-up of static can present challenges including dust build up, static discharge, and even the damage of packaged goods static is not only annoying but it can lead to issues such as increased handling problems, excessive dust and dirt build up on the surface of the plastic part, parts sticking, damage of sensitive medical or electronic products and even fire or explosion hazard if static sparks are formed near flammable liquids.

  • We also offer Indu's Indu’s Biodegradable HIPS - InduBio - these sheets are completely biodegradable & eco-friendly, making them useful to produce disposable products.

The sheets are used in a wide variety of applications such as


  • Automotive Industry

  • Disposables Industry

  • Packaging Industry