Thermoforming is a 2-step process; the first step is to load a thermoplastic sheet on the machine followed by vacuum or pressure forming process. Machinecraft has tied up with leading suppliers of thermoplastic sheets and sell these sheets with the machines and moulds to provide a complete solution.

Polycarbonate Material

  • Polycarbonates (PC) are a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups in their chemical structures. Polycarbonates used in engineering are strong, tough materials, and some grades are optically transparent. They are easily worked, molded, and thermoformed.
  • Machinecraft represent's ARLA Plast (Sweden) and provides ARLA's Makroclear, Makrotech, Makrolife and RPC in India. Arla’s Philosophy is adding value for small clients. They call themselves the hippies of plastic business- think about nature, sustainability, they work with entrepreneurs not distributors & interested in application and detail. 

1. Polycarbonate Transparent: MAKROCLEAR™ & MAKROLIFE™
Transparent Polycarbonate (PC) is a virtually unbreakable material for the toughest environments. Transparent PC has high clarity and good optical performance for applications where good visibility is important. It also has excellent temperature performance which gives good fire properties, the material is even self-extinguishing. Transparent PC is well suited for thermoforming or machining. Arla Plast has a wide portfolio of transparent PC sheets. Our transparent PC is available in different optical qualities, colours, frost, light transmission and with different surface structures. We also have a solar control version that helps to reduce temperature by letting the light pass but keeping the UV-radiation out. Special resins are used when FA (food approval) or FR (flame retardant) characteristics are needed. Most products can be chosen with a protecting UV-layer on top.

  • MAKROCLEAR™ – standard PC sheets for general purpose applications.
  • MAKROLIFE™ – standard PC sheets with UV protection. 10 years warranty.

Applications: Transparent PC sheets are used in a wide variety of applications where unbreakable solutions are required

  • Soundwall to reduce traffic noise
  • Ice hockey rinks
  • Machine protection
  • Windows
  • Roof lights and roofing solutions
  • Luminaires
  • Pool covers
  • Signs
  • Ski lift bubbles
  • Visors

2. Polycarbonate opaque: MAKROTECH™
Opaque polycarbonate (PC) is a virtually unbreakable material for the toughest environments. It has superior impact resistance and a wide temperature range.  It also has better fire properties, the material is even self-extinguishing. Opaque PC is well suited for thermoforming, bending or machining. Arla Plast offers opaque polycarbonate sheets – MAKROTECH™. MAKROTECH™ is available with different surface structures and in all possible colours. We are experienced in extrusion of standard glossy colours, metallic colours as well as matt colours. Dual colours are also available thanks to coextrusion of two different colour layers. MAKROTECH™ can be choosen with or without stripes (for camera/robot identification). Many products can be chosen with a protecting UV-layer on top.

  • MAKROTECH™ – opaque PC sheets for colorful, unbreakable solutions
  • MAKROTECH™ UV – one side UV protected sheet for indoor or outdoor applications

Application areas:
The sheets are used in a wide variety of applications where unbreakable solutions are required

  • Suitcases where a combination of strength and low weight is needed
  • Wall cladding for heavy duty environments such as hospitals or public environments
  • Machine covers
  • Containers
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Automotive
  • Signage

3. Polycarbonate Recycled: RPC™
Arla Plast offers recycled opaque PC sheets with different surface structures, with or without stripes (for camera/robot identification) and with or without co-extruded layer in different colours.  RPC™ is a good value for money solution where a virtual unbreakable solution is needed.


The sheets are used in a wide variety of applications such as

  • Trays for efficient parts handling at automotive assembly lines
  • Packaging solutions
  • Wall cladding
  • Protection sheets
  • Containers
  • Thermoformed machine covers
  • Solar panels covers

ABS/PMMA Material

  • Sheets of ABS+PMMA consists of two layers. Bottom layer — resin plant resin (ABS) is the product of the copolymerization of Acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, that is a modification of high impact polystyrene. ABS sheets co-extruded with PMMA (used for sanitary ware) are multi-layer sheets with a top layer of impact resistant modified acryl. The bottom ABS layer ensures high-quality forming, good impact strength and low temperature resistance. The acryl layer guards against UV rays, provides an excellent surface aspect of strong gloss and chemical fastness (inertness).
  • Machinecraft represent's ATHLONE Extrusions (Ireland) via Syntec and provides ABS/PMMA sheets in India. 

ABS Capped With PMMA - Durosan - AB301P , AB301P10

The sheets are used in a wide variety of applications such as

  • Sanitary industry - Bathtubs, Shower Panels
  • Furnishing Industry
  • Automotive industry


  • Machinecraft represent's Indu Thermoformers which supplies HIPS/ABS/PP/HDPE Sheets. The company manufactures these sheets using the Extrusion Line with co-extruder. Sheet thickness range: 0.18-4.0 mm & Sheet width max: 1800mm ( wider upon request )
  • We also offer Indu’s Antistatic HIPS - InduESD range. In plastic, the build-up of static can present challenges including dust build up, static discharge, and even the damage of packaged goods static is not only annoying but it can lead to issues such as increased handling problems, excessive dust and dirt build up on the surface of the plastic part, parts sticking, damage of sensitive medical or electronic products and even fire or explosion hazard if static sparks are formed near flammable liquids.
  • We also offer Indu's Indu’s Biodegradable HIPS - InduBio - these sheets are completely biodegradable & eco-friendly, making them useful to produce disposable products. 

The sheets are used in a wide variety of applications such as


  • Automotive Industry
  • Disposables Industry
  • Packaging Industry