Thick Sheet Thermoforming Machines

Machines Made for Making Plastic Products using Vacuum & Pressure Forming


PF1 1000x1500 with Pneumatic Driven Mould Table

PF1 800x1000 with Servo Driven Mould Platen

PF1 1000x2000 with Roll Feeding Option

PF1 1000x2000 with Roll Feeding Option

PF1 1000x1500 with Automatic Sheet Loading Option

PF1 1000x1500 with Automatic Sheet Loading Option

PF1 Series

The PF1 Series has been designed to form thick sheet products using vacuum & pressure forming technology

PF1 Series is used to make products from thick sheets like ABS, PC, PE with thickness ranging from 2 to 12 mm.  In a Nutshell - Thick Sheet Thermoforming is usually used to make large parts that have small batch size instead of Injection Moulding.

Machinecraft’s PF1 Series is a direct response to the increasing need for innovation in the thick gauge thermoforming industry. The series takes a step further towards responding to specific customer requirements, with a range of add-on modules and sizes that can be customised for unique and specific customer demands.  With highly intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, and a comprehensive range of functions backed by robust machinery, the PF1 Series is a culmination of Machinecraft’s rich history; and a sign of the future to follow. 


This is a Thick Sheet Thermoforming Machine comes in various sizes ranging from 600x800 mm to 2500x3000 mm. The machine modules can be divided into:

  • Sheet Loading System
  • Heating System
  • Mould Platen System
  • And Plug Platen System

Sheet Loading System

sheet feeding.jpg

Sheet Loading 

The Vacuum forming process starts as the operator loads a thermoplastic sheet made from materials such as ABS, HIPS, PMMA, PP, HDPE, PC, PETG, LDPE etc. onto the machine. 

Automatic Sheet Loading Option

Autoloader add-on allows automatic sheet loading. This variant loads a stack of cut sheets into an additional unit. At this stage,  a pneumatic driven plate with vacuum pad picks the sheet and places it on a chain which transports the sheet inside the forming unit. Once the part is formed, the chain transport mechanism moves the formed part out of the machine and drops it into the exit chute.

Roll Feeder Option

The Roll Feeder add-on is a handy feature that is used for thin sheet materials that come in rolls. The sheet can be cut to a required length either before it is fed into the system, or after it is rolled out. The roll feeder unwinds the sheet into the main unit where it is cut and conveyed into the forming station automatically. Once the part is formed, the chain transport mechanism moves the formed part out of the machine and drops it into the exit chute.

Mould Platen System 

Pneumatic Mould Platen System

In this option, four cylinders, synchronised by four rack and pinions, drive the movement of the mould units. 


Servo Driven Mould Platen System Option

This add on facilitates faster mould movement by reducing the distance between the tool and the sheet. Not only does this function bring down cycle time but also plays a vital role in improving the forming quality.

Quick Mould Change System

The option for Quick Mould Change technology is available on select models. Quick Mould Change technology reduces the mould load time to less than 5 minutes. This is well suited for industries that have quick mould changeovers. These machines come with an automatic frame clamping mechanism that automatically clamps the frame on the machine. 

Motorised Frame Add-on 

The PF1 Series comes with adjustable top clamping frames. 

As an option, the PF1 series also comes with a motorised or a hand-crank shaft variant to adjust the sheet clamp frame. 

Plug Platen System

All machines are equipped with Pneumatic Plug Platen Movement  with Stroke Adjustment. 


Plug Platen with Motorised Stroke Adjustment option

Plug Assist can be provided with a Motorised Stroke Adjustment Plate so that you can use the HMI to set the height of the plug with Motor. 

Servo Driven Plug Platen System is also available as option.

Heating System

Sandwich Heating

The PF1 series features both, single and sandwich heating systems (with top-bottom heating) for varying requirements. This gives the operator the flexibility to choose different configurations for varying results.  

Similarly, the heating system also features zone settings that enables even heat distribution and flexibility to handle multiple job orders on the same forming bed. All machines have zonal heater control with each zone of two elements. 

Heating Elements 

The system features Infrared Ceramic Heating Elements by default. The  machines also come with optional Quartz Heating Elements

Infrared Sheet Temperature Reader Option

Where exact sheet temperature is required to be measured optional infrared sheet temperature reader can be provided in the top heater. 



The photo sensor senses the height of the pre-blow sheet and regulates the air in the chamber to provide pre-blow control. The Preblow is essential for an better distribution of sheet thickness and to prevent excessive sagging of sheet during heating.  

Sag Control

During the heating of sheet the sagging of sheet is controlled by photocells mounted below the sheet. This allows to maintain proper sheet to heater distance during heating. 

Sheet Cooling

All Machines are equipped with high speed cooling blowers for efficient cooling of formed parts. The machines also come with optional water mist spray for faster cooling.

Where there is a requirement of ejecting the parts at specific temperature infrared sheet temperature reader is also provided for measuring the temperature of the formed part during cooling. 


All machines come with a touchscreen Human Machine Interface with a friendly and simple to use interface. The screens are designed to suit a thermoforming operator’s mind and help him to easily use the machines, view important parameters assess machine performance. Machines also come with alarms and messages for preventive maintenance and diagnostics. All the parameters can be stored in recipes in the HMI.  

Technical Specifications

PF1 machines are available in a variety forming area and stroke options. These machines can also be designed to achieve special forming areas and depths as required.

What can you make with PF1 ?

The PF1 Series caters to a wide variety of industries such as Automotive Components, Transportation Pallets, Industrial Applications, Sanitary, Skylights, Refrigerator Parts, Bus Body Parts, Bathtubs, Roofing Sheets, Machine Covers, Point of Purchase, Agricultural Products, Signages, etc.

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