AM Series

The AM Series is the starter series designed to form thin sheet products using vacuum forming technology


Roll Feeding System

Sheet Roll is to be manually placed on the chain when you first load the machine. The sheet is then indexed by the Servo Driven Chain.

Heating System

The machine comes with a single heater with infrared ceramic elements. The heating system is controlled by PID temperature controllers.

Forming System

The machine has 2 Pneumatic Cylinders that drive the forming platen. The mould lies on the forming platen with Vacuum vents. Vacuum is applied in the forming area to form the sheet in the shape of the mould. 

Chain Adjustment System

The machine indexes the sheet automatically as per the set timer using the Servo Driven chain. The Chain can be adjusted to required sheet roll width using hand wheel. 


Machines come with a simple Human Machine Interface to adjust timings on the machine.

Pneumatic Shear Add-on

Optional pneumatic sheer can be added on the machine to cut the sheet.


Hydro-Pneumatic Press Add-On Module

The formed parts from the AM Machine can be individually cut using a hydro-pneumatic punching press. This add-on module can be purchased along with the machine to enable a human operator to transfer the formed parts from the machine to the press to get individually cut parts. 

Technical Specifications

What can you make using AM ?

AM Series is suitable for blisterpacks, disposable trays, food trays, packaging trays, etc.