PF2 Series

The PF2 Series has been designed to form thick sheet products using vacuum forming technology

Machinecraft’s PF2 Series has been designed as open body configuration to cater specially for the bathtub & sanitary industry. The machine operates fully automatically except sheet loading and unloading. The machine has low mould loading height. The machine features sandwich heating system with infrared ceramic elements or calrod type heating elements. Machine comes with adjustable sliding frame members in one direction with pneumatic toggle clamps for firm sheet clamping. Optional PLC control for heating and sequence is available. 

Sheet Clamping

The Thermoplastic cut sheet is manually loaded by the machine operator onto the machine. The Pneumatic Driven Sheet Clamping mechanism then clamps the sheet. The pneumatic toggles firmly clamp the frame to ensure zero leakage. 

Heater Movement

The Heater Box then moves forward to start heating the thermoplastic sheet upto the set temperature. The temperature is set using temperature controllers on the machine panel. The heater box is composed of Infrared ceramic elements which can be individually controlled for optimal heat distribution.

Mould Platen Movement

Once the sheet is heated to the desired temperature, the heater box moves back and the Mould table is pneumatically lifted. Vacuum is then applied between the mould and the sheet so that the sheet takes shape of the mould. 

PF2 Series is ideal for acrylic bathtubs, panels and shower trays

Technical Specifications